What we do.

Bringing clarity in the jungle of information security.

CumulusTrust is not your next information security consultancy. We believe that there is only one important reason for you to protect your information: because it is most likely your most valuable asset today!

We offer:

Security Officer Online: subscription based information security management support, in three different Services: Guided, Supported, Managed.

Service products: Onsite Expert Service on demand; CT Cascading, CT Scan, CT Managed, CT Bid Support, CT Business Case.

If you need to formalize your information security management, it may be hard to find the proper security standard or certification. Feel lost? We help you identify those security standards and control frameworks that best fit your industry, organization or compliance requirements. Or a best of breed solution, if that’s suitable.

Sure: legal or contractual compliance may still be a very important driver for adherence to a particular information security standard, such as ISO27001. And having your Information Security Management System certified will definitely add value to your business, as it will enable you to show your customers you are in control. However, the main reason you should really bother about standards and certifications is that you need to protect your information. That’s why today, if you’re active somewhere in the cloud value chain, you need to get serious about your information security. But don’t worry: we will make sure you will make your customers happy in the process as well. We can help you in a number of ways, most of which are subscription based. Based in The Netherlands, we service local clients. In the upcoming years we will roll out our concept in several other European countries.